FROEBEL in Australia und Poland

Since 2009, FROEBEL has been active abroad as a kindergarten provider. What began in Australia with the takeover of the management and running of two centres has now grown to include four centres in Sydney and Melbourne and a further centre in Poznań (Poland).

There is regular communication between FROEBEL in Germany and the FROEBEL kindergartens abroad with a view to making their activities better known here as well.

Here is a link to publications in English and Polish.

Going abroad with FROEBEL

At FROEBEL, it is not only the children in our centres who are given support in the areas of multilingualism and cultural diversity. Our educators too are enriched by meeting colleagues from other cultures.

For this reason, FROEBEL – and this is unique amongst kindergarten providers – offers  its early childhood professionals international exchange programmes between our centres. Working visits lasting a number of months are offered exclusively to FROEBEL educators in a FROEBEL centre in Australia or our European neighbour Poland.

Below you can find more information about FROEBEL kindergartens abroad and the current opportunities to work in one of them:

FROEBEL in Poland

The FROEBEL centre in Poznań (Poland) is run by FROEBEL Polska Sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of FROEBEL e.V. The kindergarten “Malta” opened in 2015 and has room for 35 children. As a German-Polish bilingual centre, the kindergarten provides an interesting experience for educators from either country. With the support of the Erasmus+ programme, trainee educators from college, for example, or early childhood professionals from German kindergartens can learn about “best practice” with regard to partially immersive language acquisition.

FROEBEL kindergartens in Australia

Since 2009, FROEBEL has been active abroad as a kindergarten provider. In Australia we run four centres in Sydney and Melbourne.

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“Little scientists” in Australia

Since 2013, FROEBEL, as an exclusive partner of the German Foundation “House of the Little Scientists” (Haus der kleinen Forscher), has been building and expanding a “Little Scientists” network in kindergartens in Australia. Little Scientists offers educators who specialise in early learning and teachers inexpensive workshops for professional development in MINT topics. The workshops aim to strengthen self-confidence, to identify MINT learning opportunities and to use the everyday experiences of children to create learning through play that is also research-based. The programme has been so successful that the Australian government has been funding it through its National Innovation and Science Agenda since 2016. The funding is initially set to continue until 2025 in a total amount of €4.2 million.

Cooperation with the Klett Group

FROEBEL International GmbH, in cooperation with the Klett Group, is the umbrella organisation for the activities of FROEBEL Australia Ltd. We have found a reliable partner in Ernst Klett Präsenzlernen GmbH. This company is part of the renowned Klett Group, to which, for example, the Klett-Schulbuchverlag (a publisher of books for schools) belongs. With our partner’s participation in FROEBEL International GmbH, we can continue to expand our activities abroad over the long term and also have recourse to the extensive know-how of Klett in the field of education.