Day centres

In our day centres in Ludwigsfelde and Senftenberg, which are also parent/child groups, parents and children receive support in dealing with child-guidance-related conflicts in a protected environment that is not the family home.

As a rule, older children up to the age of 13 years are cared for by their parents and our professionals working in partnership.

While the children have access to a structured daily routine, individual stimulation and care, and a varied range of leisure activities, parents receive parenting support and guidance as well as help in the management of everyday issues with the gentle assistance of our education professionals.

Besides play opportunities for the children, our teams offer group work, one-to-one support, support with school work and parent support. Costs are calculated by the Youth Welfare authorities and in some cases expenses can be paid through these authorities.

You will find our FRÖBEL day centres in: Ludwigsfelde and Senftenberg.