FRÖBEL welcomes refugee children and their families

FRÖBEL is a non-profit, all-embracing provider of crèches, kindergartens, after-school clubs and projects offering family support services. Our child care centres are open to all children and their families, regardless of their social and cultural background – as well as for children from families who had to flee their homes. Our child care centres are places of friendship, togetherness and shared enjoyment.

We know little of what these children and families have experienced, what they are feeling and how their experiences of fleeing and losing their homes will affect them. What we do know is that these children need a feeling of safety, stability, normality and a positively stimulating environment – as well as adults who guide them in a friendly and open manner, and who offer them encouragement and protection. The well-being of all children is a matter close to our hearts, and we warmly welcome these children and their families into our community.

A variety of initiatives have been planned for children and parents in our child care centres and their surroundings in order to encourage interpersonal relations and to learn German together.

We are all faced with a huge civic and humanitarian task, and FRÖBEL is prepared to do its part. We would like to thank our colleagues and parents and families for the work they have put in to help refugees, and we look forward to welcoming new families in our child care centres.

يرحب بالمهاجرين من الأطفال وأسرهم FRÖBEL