Cultural education for all

Cultural education, the participation of children in artistic and cultural life, is one of the children’s rights set out in the UN Convention on the rights of the Child (Article 31). There are very good reasons for this. Cultural education is an essential part of a holistic education (for young children). It is especially suited to strengthening children in their development and can contribute to them developing their potential and creativity autonomously in the early years of their life. Culture is something that characterises us.

With our understanding of cultural education, we give the children the opportunity to find and to explore imaginative and sensory ways of accessing the world. Children experience being able to achieve something by leaving their own artistic mark.

Artistic-aesthetic activities give children the opportunity to engage actively with the world and to help to shape it audibly, visibly and perceptibly.

Network for cultural education for young children, of which FROEBEL is a member“Artistic-aesthetic activities give children the opportunity to engage actively with the world and to help to shape it audibly, visibly and perceptibly.”

In our centres, we do not understand cultural education as simply an end in itself. It is closely linked to other areas of education like participation, inclusion, sustainability and education in democracy, and opens up new possibilities.

We enable children to have varied forms of access to music, dance, theatre, film and the performing arts in ways in which they can both enjoy and help to shape activities. Forms of approach are, for example, museum visits, working together with an artist in their studio, staging a play developed by one of the children or conversations about the language and culture of other countries. In short, cultural education provides points of reference for a wide variety of projects.

Following the pandemic rules: “Window pane theatre” in the FROEBEL kindergarten Zwergenhaus (dwarf house) am See, Senftenberg, February 2021

Culture in the pandemic: Culture Now!

It became clear in the second wave of corona what cultural education can achieve. Driven by our strongly held belief that, especially in times of uncertainty, time out for aesthetic activities is important, we developed the programme Culture NOW! Make cultural education possible even under corona in November 2020. It is supported by FROEBEL e.V.