Digital media in education and care centres for young children

Children move in an increasingly digitised world. They are confronted with digital media almost every day. For some time now, children have not just encountered their childhood heroes in books or on the cinema screen but via various digital media too.

It is part of the educational responsibility of education and care centres for young children to pick up on these interests of children and to strengthen them by helping children to manage digital media competently. So, it is important to enable all children to have access to digital media and to help them to manage these resources thoughtfully. For it is only in this way that children can learn to participate autonomously in an increasingly digitised society and to actively shape this society as well.

Special issue: Digital media and culture

In our special issue we show how digital media can be used beneficially and in many different ways in nurseries, kindergartens and after-school care centres. The ideas it contains range from the direct use of digital tools with children to ways of creating digital documents, to opportunities for working with families and to digital platforms for in-service training and professional development.

Download our special issue; Digital media and children (PDF, German)

FROEBEL Lab: Digital media in early childhood learning situations

As early as 2017, various actors from FROEBEL began to engage with the topic of digital media in education and care centres for young people. In the course of a one-week FROEBEL lab, there were joint discussions about how digital media can enrich day-to-day teaching and learning in these centres.

Numerous ideas and suggestions emerged concerning the meaningful use of digital media within everyday routines. The participants in the FROEBEL lab still get together today in regular follow-up meetings and inspire their FROEBEL colleagues with valuable tips and examples of good practice.

Digital documentation

  • Can software support early childhood professionals in documenting children’s educational and learning processes?
  • Do digital solutions help to make our pedagogical work even more transparent?
  • What do our centres and early childhood professionals need to be able to use such software successfully?
  • Is information in digital form communicated to parents faster and more reliably?

Currently, the ESF project “Kindergarten 4.0 – Qualifying early childhood professionals to securely manage digital processes in the context of an education and care centre for young children” is engaging with these questions.

You can read more on the project page: Kita 4.0

Digital in-service training and professional development

FROEBEL is pursuing the development and introduction of e-learning formats on pedagogical topics as an innovative project in order to increase participation in in-service training in future, to structure this training flexibly and to ensure that staff can acquire up-to-date skills.

Together with its cooperation partner oncampus, FROEBEL is developing e-learning courses which give early childhood professionals theoretical principles and applied and practical know-how concerning the FROEBEL curriculum. The course content is designed to be varied and shows the pedagogical work of our nurseries, kindergartens and after-school care centres.