Brochure "Bilingual education - Experiencing languages"

Brochure "Bilingual Education"

Bilingual education

FRÖBEL strives to give children an opportunity to encounter a foreign language at an early age. Consequently, in some of our centres the FRÖBEL Bilingual Education Focus is already firmly incorporated through the employment of education professionals who speak a language other than German. Usually, children attending a centre of this type will make the acquaintance of English, but in a few places Turkish, Polish, Italian or Spanish are also offered.

Early introduction to a second language encourages the communicative and linguistic competences of the children as well as an openness and ability to learn languages in general. Moreover, a bilingual education offers the chance of getting to know other cultures and acquiring intercultural competences.

For us the important thing is that the children in our crèches, kindergartens and after-school clubs encounter the foreign language through play and according to the principle of ‘one person, one language’ in their daily routine, and can thus ‘immerse’ themselves in the language. In this way they familiarise themselves with this language casually in the same way as they learn their native language. Through its integration into the daily routine we give all the children an opportunity to access this language provision – regardless of the financial or social situation of their family.

All FRÖBEL crèches and kindergartens with a bilingual offer can be found in our day-care-center search - select "Bilingual offer" in the search-box under "Offers". You can narrow the search results regionally.