Bilingual education and multilingualism

FROEBEL would like to give children the opportunity to get to know other languages at an early stage. This is why the FROEBEL focus on bilingual education through foreign-language early childhood professionals is firmly established in around half of our centres. FROEBEL employs English-speaking early childhood professionals in most of these centres. In addition, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Dutch are also on offer.

By integrating the foreign language into the children’s day-to-day activities, FROEBEL ensures that all of them have access to this offer – irrespective of the social and financial situation of the families.

How does FROEBEL put children in contact with a foreign language?

In centres with the FROEBEL focus on bilingual education, the children are accompanied by both German-speaking and foreign-language early childhood professionals. This means that two languages are a natural part of the child’s day-to-day activities. In this environment, it is possible for the children to experience languages on the basis of a so-called part-immersion concept. Just as they do when learning their family language(s), the children are submerged in another language in the form of a “language bath”. Through the foreign-language early childhood professionals the children experience how multilingualism is a natural part of everyday life. They themselves play an active role in determining how much contact they have with the foreign-language early childhood professional and in what form.

You can find our FROEBEL nurseries and kindergartens that offer bilingual education in the German search function for kindergartens. Select “Bilinguales Angebot” from the drop-down menu under “Angebote”. You can restrict the search results to a specific region by choosing the second tab “Suche nach Region” and choosing a region from the drop-down menu.

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