Conceptual framework

The FRÖBEL Group operates more than 140 crèches, kindergartens and after-school clubs in several regions of Germany. Each federal German state has its own regional laws and its own programme of education that form the basis for the work in children’s day care centres.

But in addition to these diverse conditions, all FRÖBEL centres adhere to our own overarching terms of reference as regards education. This strengthens the profile of FRÖBEL as education and care provider, and supports all employees in their daily work. These terms of reference are set out in the FRÖBEL conceptual framework.

The FRÖBEL Conceptual Framework details relevant themes relating to early childhood education, guidance and care. They form the basis for the organisation of daily education routines in all FRÖBEL centres. A main focus of the conceptual framework is our concept of our own work within the FRÖBEL Group, which is founded on the three principles of relationship, individualisation and participation. 

Download the FRÖBEL Conceptual Framework.

FRÖBEL Conceptual Framework

Centre concepts

In addition to the FRÖBEL Conceptual Framework, each centre has its own specific centre concept. This sets out the concrete organisation of the daily education routines and the centre's individual profile.

It takes account of the needs and interests of children and their families, as well as local conditions. The centre-specific concepts are constantly monitored and reviewed as appropriate.

For more information on the different FRÖBEL crèches, kindergartens and after-school clubs go to Locations or visit the home page of the relevant centre.