Educational profile

The educational profile of FRÖBEL Group day-care facilities for children is built around four central elements: the professional orientation framework, the FRÖBEL standards, the FRÖBEL Bilingual Education Focus and facility-specific focus or focuses. Together they express a connection that ensures on the one hand that important themes of early childhood education, guidance and care are taken into consideration in daily educational routines, and on the other that FRÖBEL is recognisable as a dependable partner for education and child guidance. The educational profile covers two levels: Commonality on the one side and individuality on the other.

Professional orientation framework

Education in all FRÖBEL crèches, kindergartens and after-school clubs is based on the education programs of the relevant German federal states, the FRÖBEL conceptual framework, the education and childcare mission statement of the FRÖBEL Group, and the National Catalogue of Criteria "Quality of Education in Day-Care Centres for Children", as well as the relevant regional laws and regulations. This professional framework of orientation forms the basis for the routine work of all education professionals in the FRÖBEL Group.

FRÖBEL Standards

All FRÖBEL facilities are bound together by the FRÖBEL Standards. Currently, Standards are being developed that will apply to specific educational themes, such as transition situations or observation and documentation. Within the FRÖBEL Group they represent the quality that FRÖBEL as youth and child welfare provider stands for.

FRÖBEL Focus Bilingual Education

Children who attend a FRÖBEL Group crèche, kindergarten or after-school club should have early opportunities to familiarise themselves with a foreign language. This is the idea behind the FRÖBEL Bilingual Education Focus. This Focus is already a fixed feature in some FRÖBEL facilities which employ foreign-language education professionals. Coverage will gradually be extended to other facilities, with close guidance.

Centre Focuses

Several factors attest to the individuality of FRÖBEL centres. One of these is the centre focus.

We offer a broad palette of centre focuses. These may be the FRÖBEL Focus Bilingual Education, but there are also centres which concentrate especially on musical education, aspects of health promotion, media education or scientific topics in their daily educational work.

The different centre focuses are set out in each centre's own centre concept. For more information on the various focuses, please go to the centre homepages.