Education consultancy

In all regions of FRÖBEL are education consultants employed who support the educational work of the crèches, kindergartens and after-school clubs.

Their priority is to guide the development of the day-care centres towards providing the best possible education and care for the children through direct and close contact with management and teams.

As contact persons for on average ten centres, they guide the teams through processes of constant quality development, respond to education-related questions, advise them in the event of conflicts and provide professional input through further training. 

Education consultants in the regions (Germany)

FRÖBEL in Bavaria
Martina Kuhn
Gabriele Frenzel

FRÖBEL in Berlin
Sabine Kosler
Johanna Enge
Grit Piper

FRÖBEL in Brandenburg
Kathrin Reikowski (Potsdam)
Katharina Hummel (Lausitz)
Jeannett Fischer (Frankfurt (Oder))

FRÖBEL in Hessen
Petra Wenig-Wefers

FRÖBEL in Northern Germany

FRÖBEL in Northrhine-Westfalia
Ulrike Rubruck
Petra Löbach
Janine Jäger
Domenica Licciardi
Sandra Gaßen

FRÖBEL in Saxony
Eva Siegert