Internal and external evaluation

The National Catalogue of Criteria "Quality of Education in Day-Care Centres for Children" [Nationaler Kriterienkatalog "Pädagogische Qualität in Tageseinrichtungen für Kinder"] provides a professional framework for quality development and assurance within the FRÖBEL Group.

Its 'quality areas' describe best practice in the form of specific recommendations for education professionals. Using the checklists of the accompanying manual "Developing Quality in Education" ["Pädagogische Qualität entwickeln"], teams can assess their own performance. These regular internal assessments emphasise the responsibility and professional competence of the education professionals in our day-care centres to assure the quality of their own work.

Like the internal evaluation, the external evaluation serves as a fixed element of quality development and assurance, the external, objective and independent expertise giving the teams more valuable impulses which they can use to develop their educational work further.

Parent and staff surveys

Regular surveys across the FRÖBEL organisation give both parents and staff the opportunity to make their views known on diverse topics. The surveys are a fixed participative element of the FRÖBEL Group’s corporate and management culture, and part of the constant quality development and assurance process. The results of the surveys provide valuable feedback about quality, giving rise to critical debates and triggering developments which sustainably improve conditions for staff, as well as for the children and their families.