FRÖBEL stands for tradition and innovation

Today, we take it for granted that children are regarded as active, enquiring and self-educating people who should be treated with respect. We are absolutely convinced that sensory perceptions are very important for children’s development.

Following the tradition established by Friedrich FRÖBEL means continuing to live out his ideas on children’s support and guidance. Moreover, it means seeking and finding answers to the urgent questions thrown up by modern life that would meet with Fröbel’s approval.  

The FRÖBEL Group is a modern and future-ready grouping of companies. We believe in economic stability, professional quality and qualified human resource development. Thanks to the high level of commitment on the part of our employees these standards are constantly being achieved, maintained and expanded.

  • FRÖBEL promotes the early-years education and holistic development of children with the aid of competent educational staff.
  • FRÖBEL has an educational profile that features a binding orientation (e.g. mission statement and conceptual framework) and individual elements (e.g. the centre focuses Movement, Science and Music).
  • FRÖBEL meets the requirements of a multi-language society by employing education professionals who are native speakers of other languages. This improves children’s language skills and helps them respect and understand other cultures.
  • FRÖBEL follows current political and scientific impulses and debates, taking an active part and integrating outcomes into our practical work.
  • FRÖBEL promotes the reconciliation of family and work life by offering suitable and flexible childcare provision in cooperation with businesses.