The mission statement of FRÖBEL

"Competence for Children" – this is the concept that guides us as a not-for-profit, cross-regional provider running crèches, kindergartens, after school clubs and family support services.
Our centres are open to all children and their families regardless of social and cultural background, special needs or gender.

About our mission statement

With our mission statement FRÖBEL is issuing a clear promise that the rights of children and the unfolding of their educational opportunities will be at the centre of what it does, and it will draw the attention of those involved to this shared objective.

Our mission statement builds on all our educational innovations, quality development in all areas and organisational culture. We have begun many things over the last few years and so it is only right to ensure that children’s rights are formally enshrined as the foundation of everything we do. We have also clearly marked the areas where we need to take action and set our objectives for the coming years.

In line with our basic principle, "Competence for Children", we have designed our mission statement by thinking and acting in a child-centred way. Children’s rights are central to our concept of education across all centres and to the impact of FRÖBEL as a whole. We see implementing children’s rights as an integral part of our educational mission.

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