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Exporting Education: International Innovative Early Childhood Education

Klett Group and FRÖBEL Group announce future international cooperation

Klett Group acquires 50 percent stake in FRÖBEL International GmbH

Berlin/Stuttgart 13th of March 2015 - The not-for-profit FRÖBEL Group will in future be cooperating with the Klett Group in its international operations. The relevant agreements were reached in December 2014. FRÖBEL currently operates 140 full day childcare centres, five of them outside Germany. The Klett Group, one of Europe’s leading educational enterprises, will be providing financial and specialist support to expand FRÖBEL’s international activities, with the aim of increasing the international availability of the highly regarded German early childhoods education approach. In addition to providing kindergartens in countries other than Germany, the intention is to increase cooperation with universities, continuing training and professional development facilities and promote the exchange of education professionals.

FRÖBEL has been establishing  full day childcare centres in Australia, Turkey and Poland since 2009. The latest of these, the German-Polish FRÖBEL kindergarten MALTA opened in Poznań on the 23rd of January 2015. These international FRÖBEL kindergartens encourage educational and intercultural exchange: among children, parents and above all education professionals. The bilingual concept of the FRÖBEL centres is deliberately being developed across three languages: English in the context of advancing globalisation, Turkish against a background of integration policies and Polish to encourage good neighbourliness.

"Having the Klett Group on board is creating new opportunities and perspectives for the FRÖBEL Group’s international activities", says Stefan Spieker, CEO of FRÖBEL e.V. "It will also enable us to develop our existing regional companies further. What’s more, we are seeking to initiate a professional exchange with universities and schools of education in the three countries and offer intercultural seminars for early childhood educators. The Klett and FRÖBEL Groups are united by a mutual understanding of what education means. We are therefore convinced that this cooperation between a not-for-profit and a private corporate Group will lead to a successful joint enterprise."

"In FRÖBEL we have found a strong partner to give a professional, international boost to our activities in the sphere of early childhood education. We look forward to advancing the establishment of full day childcare centres outside Germany together", says Philipp Haussmann, spokesman for the Board of Management at Ernst Klett AG.

About FRÖBEL: Employing around 2,600 people, the FRÖBEL Group operates 140 kindergartens, after-school clubs and family support centres. These are located mainly in Germany, but three of its kindergartens are located in Australia, one in Turkey and one in Poland. As a not-for-profit, independent welfare provider for children and young people, the FRÖBEL Group, like the educational reformer after whom it is named, Friedrich Fröbel, stands for innovative early childhood education, guidance and care. Its education and care services mission statement emphasises a commitment to the rights of children which supports the development of their personality in early childhood education. For more information go to

About the Klett Group: With 61 companies at 36 locations in 14 countries, the Klett Group is a leading educational enterprise in Europe. The Group supplies everything from the classic school textbook to modern, interactive learning aids and from specialist to aesthetic literature. Moreover, the Klett Group is the leading private provider of educational and continuing education services. The Group companies employ 2,878 people who in 2013 generated a turnover of 449.9 million euros. For more information go to

Media contact: Tibor Hegewisch, FRÖBEL Communications, phone: 030 21 23 5 333, Karen Rehberger, Ernst Klett AG, Corporate Communications, phone: 0711 66 72 18 97,