Internationales 10/27/2020 · AK

FROEBEL Parkville wins the Early STEM Award

The Australian FROEBEL kindergarten Parkville wins the Australian Little Scientists State Award for the federal state of Victoria. The award is the Australian equivalent to the Spirit of Research Award from the foundation Haus der kleinen Forscher (House of the little scientists).

FROEBEL Parkville won the award with a project about germs, which took shape during the Covid-19 pandemic. Curiosity and lots of questions from the children about the current situation led to the idea of researching the world of germs in greater depth.

Cultivating germs in their own laboratory

At the beginning there were lots of questions. What do germs look like? What do germs eat? Where do germs sleep? In order to be able to explore these questions in greater detail, the early childhood professionals decided to work with the children on breeding germs. In this way, they were able to closely observe the development, behaviour and appearance of the germs over a fairly long period of time. And the germs on washed and unwashed hands were looked at closely.

The jury was impressed by the project. Starting with the curiosity of the children, an interactive research project was put together which also responded to the worries and fears of the children. With this long-term project, the children were able to broaden their understanding of germs and the current pandemic, to improve their hygiene habits and to acquire a more detailed understanding of laboratory-based research.