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More exchange with Erasmus+ between FRÖBEL and Europe

The team from the International department at FRÖBEL is happy about the fifth approved application for the Erasmus+ program this year.

Thanks to European Funding, teachers from FRÖBEL Kindergarten Farbkleckse in North Rhine-Westphalia, from FRÖBEL Kindergarten Augustastrolche in Berlin and from FRÖBEL House for Children Schimmelweg in Bavaria will exchange information on the topic of sustainability over a period of two years during mutual visits with three Icelandic day care centers.

Thanks to another four approved applications for Erasmus+, pedagogical staff from a total of 28 FRÖBEL institutions will gain new experiences in Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark and Austria next year and exchange experiences with their European colleagues.

The trips will focus on well-established topics such as bilingual education and interior concepts in our day-care centers, but also on new challenges such as digitization in early childhood education practice.

"Despite the currently prevailing corona pandemic, we intend to further expand European exchange in the new EU funding period from 2021-27," says Dörte Bieler, International Affairs Officer at FRÖBEL. "Especially with our important future topics such as cultural education, democratization and diversity, it makes sense that our educational teams conduct educational trips to learn from good practice in other European countries.

With over 190 day care centers in several German states, FRÖBEL also offers students from abroad the opportunity to complete an Erasmus+ internship in a FRÖBEL kindergarten in Germany.

For all questions regarding international exchange at FRÖBEL and special precautions and conditions due to the Corona pandemic, please contact Dörte Bieler.


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