Competence for Children

FRÖBEL kindergarten "An Sankt Peter", Cologne

In 2009 the FRÖBEL Group expanded the centre at Cologne’s St Franziskus Hospital to include two crèche groups. Twenty crèche places are now available to hospital staff, giving them greater flexibility when returning to work. The crèche is open until nine p.m. to fit in with the shift schedules common in the health sector.

Currently, around 40 families are benefiting from the provision of employer-sponsored childcare. This is another tailored service for the health sector provided by the FRÖBEL Group to improve the reconciliation of family and work life. 

FRÖBEL kindergartens "Hamburger Meile" and "Elbe Einkaufszentrum" in Hamburg

In 2010 and 2011 FRÖBEL, in cooperation with the shopping centre operator ECE, opened two centres in Hamburg. In addition to longer hours of normal childcare, these FRÖBEL centres offer short-term care for customers’ children.

As a special service, customers can leave children aged three to ten years in the care of childcare professionals in a separate area of the centre while they go about their shopping in peace and quiet. Together with ECE, FRÖBEL has developed an unconventional solution that makes it possible to operate a centre in the inner city: outside play areas on the roofs of the centres.

FRÖBEL centre "Springfrosch" in the Potsdam-Golm Science Park

In 2011 FRÖBEL opened a centre in the Potsdam-Golm Science Park that is open all year round, with no closures, and even provides child day care at the weekend if needed – ideally suited to the requirements of parents working at the site. In all, 120 children of crèche and kindergarten age can be cared for in the newly built centre.

In addition to an education that is close to nature and has a scientific orientation, the educational profile includes two English native speakers, thus offering children a bilingual and multicultural educational approach.