The FRÖBEL model

Nearby or in-company kindergarten

A company kindergarten that is operated in collaboration with a not-for-profit provider offers optimal flexibility, a kindergarten tailored to the specific needs of the company and maximum benefit from public subsidies.  

We would be happy to explore ways to establish a company kindergarten with you, to plan the various steps towards its realisation and, as the provider for your centre, to be there to answer any questions you might have in this regard.


  • Easy to implement
  • Flexible short-term solutions when the need for places is subject to rapid change
  • Utilisation of public subsidies for current operations


We calculate the costs for your allocated place requirements on case-by-case basis. The amount depends on the number of places reserved, availability and special requirements, such as specific educational content or opening hours.

Flexible availability

At the start of a new kindergarten year, in August, the number of allocated places is adjusted to the current needs of the enterprise. Hence enterprises pay only for those allocated places that they actually need for the families in their employ.