Become a FRÖBEL e.V. Sponsor member - 100% of your support goes to help our work with children

As a sponsor member you can choose whether to support a kindergarten of your choice directly or sponsor the work of FRÖBEL e.V. in general to expand provision of holistic children’s day-care services, for example, additional English-speaking teaching staff or complementary music education. Ask your local kindergarten or after-school club staff for information on current projects.

A donation or sponsorship is also a contribution to equality of opportunities and integration, because as a not-for-profit provider we place great importance on giving all children access to sponsored projects, irrespective of their family’s income. 

You can hand in your completed membership form (PDF) at the FRÖBEL centre of your choice or send it to our head office in Berlin:

FRÖBEL e.V., - Sponsor memberships -, Alexanderstrasse 9, 10178 Berlin, Germany


For any question concerning the FRÖBEL sponsor membership please contact us by

Phone: +49 30 21235-0