The world belongs in children‘s hands

FROEBEL annual motto 2020 – 2022

The world belongs in children‘s hands

Children are open , honest, enthusiastic and empathetic. And, by nature, they are inquisitive. They are also carefree,  living each day as it comes, and they think that the impossible is possible. They are guided in their actions by their sense of fairness. They live in and for the moment and discover the world and its wonders openly and spontaneously.

However, they have the right to be supported on this journey. As adults and early childhood professionals, we have the responsibility to accompany children on this path and to have confidence in their abilities.

The video about the annual motto

“Put children in power” – the music to the video was created and recorded in the summer of 2020 in cooperation with the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, with choirboys and -girls, and the Berlin singer Carie. We would like to thank Herbert Grönemeyer and Grönland Records for their kind permission to use the song.

In the "Making of" you can find out the whole story of the music and video ...

Let us have confidence in children’s abilities – together we will make ourselves strong for the future!

Children not only have the right to a future; they also have the energy to help to shape this future – provided we give them the skills they need to do this. So, it is our task to support the development of these skills. And, as we carry out this task, it is the children’s rights that determine our actions.

We encourage children to be inquisitive, to think critically, to ask questions and to challenge established ways of doing things. It is important that children ask: “What might a fair world look like and how can we help to create it?” For it is in this way that children learn to assume responsibility and to find the courage to change things.

Early childhood professionals support children every day in their efforts to take on responsibility for the world and their future. In so doing, we are making a valuable contribution to sustainable development and a just and democratic society.

With inspiring examples from our day-to-day teaching work, and with projects and initiatives, we want to share our ideas, to encourage people and to spur them into action.

The world in children’s hands. What do we do to achieve this in our nurseries, kindergartens and after-school care centres?