Fröbeln with Children: Play Ideas for your Children and you at Home

Dear families,

on this page we have content that is especially made for your children and you. With a few small ideas and links to websites that provide inspiration, we want to be a resource for you.

Play Ideas for your Children and you at Home

Recommended by FRÖBEL - Links for Families (in German/ auf Deutsch)

Links and resources for children and families

Links provided by Stiftung Lesen
34 stories for first-time readers as virtual booklets and for download in nine languages (in addition to German also in Italian, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, English, Polish, Farsi and Spanish), as picture book or text with audio. 

Children's Library
A large collection of children's books digitally prepared in many languages - a journey around the world. 

Lübecker Kinderliteraturhaus
The “Lübecker Kinderliteraturhaus” provides stories from children for children in many languages for free download. In addition to the language, you can also choose the format (for mobile phones or for printing as a book) in which the picture book is to be downloaded. Angebot
The digital, multilingual children's story "Philou and you" for free download. 

Free e-books on the web

This App can be downloaded in the Apple and Google Store. It offers 60 picture books in over 50 different languages. The access is free of charge and limited until 16th April 2020, when it will expire. Just use the username: polylinohome and the password: 987654321 to log in.
This page will allow you to choose between 32 languages and provides a little selection of three free e-books.
This page offers many different children books in English. 

The Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency) provides books that deal with environmental issues like climate, water and waste-management. Please note: To filter out their children’s books from the thousands of publications, select “Kinderbuch” (children’s books) from the drop-down menu under “Reihe” and click on “Anwenden”. 

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