Social pedagogical family support

Whilst child guidance and family advice centres focus on counselling related to parenting tasks, the FRÖBEL Group’s social pedagogical family support teams offer assistance to families in problematic situations which they cannot easily cope with alone.

Here the focus is not on the educational approach, but the overall situation in which the family or the parents find themselves. Our guiding principle in this context is to help people to help themselves.

We come into contact with families when they request counselling. Our aim is to recognise and utilise their strengths, enable parents to acquire specific skills, guide and give practical backing, identify pathways and, when the time is right, to gently withdraw. These measures are generally funded by the relevant regional youth welfare service.

At the request of the family, our support workers sit down with them to give rapid, short-term assistance and help them achieve successful outcomes or at least some relief from their situation, for example in the areas of parenting, hygiene, housework, debt management, dealings with authorities, accommodation and work.  


You can find the FRÖBEL centre for Social pedagogical family support in:


Puschkinstrasse 7
01968 Senftenberg
Phone 03573/80 948-20 /-21 /-22
Fax 03573/80 948-10
Head of centre: Kathrin Koch

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