FRÖBEL in the regions

FRÖBEL now has a presence in eleven of Germany’s federal states with more than 190 centres in total. These centres are spread over 17 regions. Each region is managed independently by a managing director and supported by a specialised education consultant. Through its local and above all specialist educational management team FRÖBEL maintains a flexible, decentralised decision-making structure and thus ensures the highest possible standards of quality in the FRÖBEL centres.


Dr. phil. Marlena Dürmeier

Dr. Marlena Dürmeier

Managing Director Regions of Baden-Wurttemberg

Ulrike Eberhard

Education consultant Region of Baden-Wurttemberg


Gabriele Frenzel

Education consultant Region of Bavaria

Martina Kuhn, Fachberaterin

Martina Kuhn

Education consultant Region of Bavaria


Antje Dietrich

Managing director Region of Berlin Center-North

Mario Klauer-Ottmann

Managing director Region of Berlin South-West

Margarita Lenzke

Managing director Region of Berlin South-East

Lisa Scheck

Geschäftsleiterin Region Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Christian Weigandt

Geschäftsleiter Region Berlin Treptow-Köpenick-Lichtenberg

Melanie Jung

Education Consultant Region of Berlin South-West

Eva Siegert

Education consultant Region of Berlin South-East


Melanie Rösch

Melanie Rösch

Managing director Region of Western Brandenburg

Danilo Schubert

Managing director Region of Lausitz

Kamil Więcek

Managing director Region of Eastern Brandenburg

Jeannett Fischer

Education consultant Region of Eastern Brandenburg

Katharina Hummel

Education consultant Region of Lausitz

Kathrin Reikowski

Education consultant Region of North-Western Brandenburg


Kai Korn

Kai Korn

Managing Director Region of Rhine-Main

Jennifer Kronz

Jennifer Kronz

Education consultant Region of Rhine-Main

Hamburg & Schleswig-Holstein

Nicolas Rath

Managing Director Region of Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein

Patrick Lindl

Education consultant Region of Hamburg/Schleswig Holstein

Bremen & Lower Saxony

Stephanie Löbe

Geschäftsleiterin Region Niedersachsen

Tina Axt

Fachberaterin Region Bremen

North Rhine-Westfalia

Vera-Maria Buttermann

Managing director Region of Cologne-Rhineland

Arnd Kortwig

Arnd Kortwig

Managing director Region of Cologne

Marek Körner

Marek Körner

Managing director Region of Cologne-Berg

Samaneh Parsay

Managing director Region of Cologne-Rhein

Normann Stricker

Managing director Region of Westfalen-Lippe-Ruhr

Dr. Pia Maria Engelhardt

Education consultant Region of Cologne-Rhineland

Jenny Kurth

Fachberaterin Region Köln-Berg

Domenica Licciardi

Domenica Licciardi

Education consultant Region of Rhine-Ruhr

Petra Löbach

Petra Löbach

Education consultant Region of Cologne

Theresa Rohrmaier

Education consultant Region of inclusion and diversity

Sabrina Schulz

Fachberaterin Region Westfalen-Lippe-Ruhr

Fabian Spies

Education consultant Region of Rhine-Ruhr


Norbert Hunger

Managing director Region of Saxony

Dr. Stephanie Garling

Managing Director Region of Saxony

Gardis Götze

Education consultant Region of Saxony

Jessika Steinbrecher

Education consultant Region of Saxony