Current 12/11/2018 · Theresia Wollnitz

Hands-on Nature Education – a Job-Shadowing and Professional Development Day at FRÖBEL

On the morning of 22 November, three Pedagogical Coordinators from the Italian day-care provider F.I.S.M. were job-shadowing in the “forest group” at the FRÖBEL kindergarten Im Grünen.

Pedagogical Coordinators from Italy visit FRÖBEL

The Nature Educator Kristin Hartleb accompanied the guests during their time with the group of children in the woods. The visitors were able to observe how the children went about various activities:

  • Running and climbing
  • Creating and designing
  • Carving with a knife
  • Investigating

During their time outdoors, the visitors had the opportunity to discuss the concept of the nature pedagogic in kindergartens. The Italian Pedagogical Coordinators got to experience how nature fosters the children’s gross and fine motor skills and, in particular, encourages their creativity, their awareness of differences and their courage to try out new things on their own.

Afterwards, the coordinators were able to exchange views on the subject of Early Childhood Education in Germany, and at FRÖBEL in particular, with Centre Manager Lisa Scheck, the Early Childhood Educator Kristin Hartleb, and Theresia Wollnitz from the Office for International Affairs. Based on their observations from that morning, an inspirational conversation developed around the topics:

  • Learning in kindergarten
  • Families’ expectations
  • How mealtimes are structured
  • Children as confident and involved learners
  • Concept of Open Pedagogic
  • Cooperation and the different roles in the team and within the provider organisation

Afterwards, a presentation enabled the Pedagogical Coordinators to deepen their knowledge of FRÖBEL as a provider of day-care centres and of the various ways of giving children a hands-on experience of nature in a centre and why nature can also be described as a “third educator”.

The Italian colleagues and the FRÖBEL employees all agreed to stay in touch and exchange ideas! Together, they deliberated on different possibilities for joint projects and collaborations.

We look forward to seeing them again – in Germany or Italy!


FRÖBEL can gladly give insights into everyday pedagogical work in its childcare facilities. Particularly, visitors from abroad are increasingly interested in the practical work in German kindergartens. Therefore, FRÖBEL offers an International Early Childhood Education Visitor & Training Programme