Current 09/10/2018 · KK/jmei

Visit from Japan

Japanese delegation visits FRÖBEL Rhein-Main

Kai Korn, Managing Director of FRÖBEL in Hessen, welcomed a ten - member group of female educators from Japan in August.

In August 2018, a ten-member delegation of education professionals from Gifu Prefecture in Japan visited the Rhein-Main FRÖBEL office. They made a stopover at FRÖBEL in Germany on their informative tour of Europe before moving on to Reggio Emilia in Italy. Regional Manager Kai Korn welcomed the visitors to Frankfurt am Main with a hearty ‘Youkoso!’ and gave a talk on ‘the room as the third educator’. 

After the presentation, the group discussed cultural differences and the effects of early childhood education on children’s understanding. The education professionals were impressed by the FRÖBEL principles and how they are reflected in the interior design of the kindergartens: ‘relationship, individualisation, participation’ – a relationship that provides security, individuality with the right to an individual education process, and the right to co- and self-determination. These principles provided the spark for a stimulating professional exchange. 

‘There are also three principles guiding the work in Japan, though they differ from ours. These are self-realisation, group awareness and physical health, which are taken very seriously,’ explains Kai Korn. ‘The visit from Japan taught me that in Japanese culture, the need for harmony in interpersonal relationships is considered very important. This evidently leads to a degree of social homogeneity. The education system therefore focuses on a strong group consciousness ­– self-realisation is understood more in the sense of the group.

The topic of ‘open pedagogy’ was met with great interest. The question was asked how structured interior design concepts contribute to the success of the educational concept

Finally, the group compared the two countries’ different educational qualifications. Similarities in vocational and university education were quickly discovered.The Japanese education professionals said goodbye with a friendly ‘sayonara’ in the afternoon and were able to continue on their journey to northern Italy - impressed and well informed. We are very grateful for this opportunity of professional exchange and look forward continuing this established cooperation!

FRÖBEL can gladly give insights into everyday pedagogical work in its childcare facilities. Particularly, visitors from abroad are increasingly interested in the practical work in German kindergartens. Therefore, FRÖBEL offers an International Early Childhood Education Visitor & Training Programme.