Current 10/04/2018 · TW/HO

Well-traveled guests in the FRÖBEL Centre for Children Eisnergutbogen

On 14 September, our team at the FRÖBEL Centre for Children Eisnergutbogen in Munich welcomed Professor Yasuhiro Kumamoto and a group of 20 students from the Department of Childhood Education at Kobe Shinwa Women's University. This is the second visit we have received from the professor now.

Visitor group from Japan in the FRÖBEL Centre for Children Eisnergutbogen

The educational advisor Martina Kuhn prepared a presentation on the legal framework for early childhood education in Bavaria and introduced FRÖBEL as a not-for-profit organisation together with our pedagogical guidelines. The presentation was well received by the students.  

Romy Grützner (kindergarten) and Clara Handwerker/Martina Kuhn (crèche) gave the visitors a guided tour in two groups, which illustrated the practical application of open pedagogy. In the subsequent question and answer session, it became clear that the visitors were interested in how the children were allowed to make decisions during their time at the centre in a self-determined way and how the open pedagogy concept promotes children's participation and independence.  

The visit was a complete success and Professor Kumamoto told Ms Grützner that he would like to visit us twice in the coming year, once with his students and once with the staff of an institution and its director. We are very much looking forward to these visits – and especially to exchanging ideas with our Japanese colleagues!

FRÖBEL can gladly give insights into everyday pedagogical work in its childcare facilities. Particularly, visitors from abroad are increasingly interested in the practical work in German kindergartens. Therefore, FRÖBEL offers an International Early Childhood Education Visitor & Training Programme.