Federal programme “Language-kindergartens: because language is the key to the world”

Since 2016 the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth has been supporting kindergartens throughout Germany as part of the federal programme “Language-kindergartens: because language is the key to the world”. The aim of the federal programme is to support the participating kindergartens in the language education of children within daily routines, in their partnership with families and in implementing inclusive educational methods.

More than 77 Froebel centres are receiving support as “language-kindergartens”. They receive financial resources to employ an additional, specially qualified teacher for language education for 19.5 hours a week. Large centres are often even given the support of two additional specialist teachers. The specialist teacher for language education supports the entire team with suggestions, ideas and projects on the topic of language education within everyday routines, inclusion and collaboration with families. The “language-kindergartens” also receive support in the form of additional specialist advice on all questions concerning language and inclusion. The additional, specialist teachers and the kindergartens where they work are given specialist support and training by Froebel, specifically by its Pedagogy and Quality Development team.

Which Fröbel centres are supported?

You can find a list of the language-kindergartens that are supported nationwide in our kindergarten search (unfortunately German only). Under the drop-down menu “Angebote”, you can be shown all our “Sprach-Kita” im Bundesprogramm.

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