Information on Work Placements for Students from Abroad

Thank you for your interest in gaining work experience at one of our full-day early childcare centres. We would welcome your application, but before applying please read this leaflet for more information on the conditions for a work placement with FRÖBEL.

FRÖBEL is an independent, not-for-profit childcare provider operating 160 full-day early childcare centres in Germany. The work of our full-day early childcare centres is based on our joint mission statement and our conceptual framework. In addition, each has its own focus areas. We offer you an opportunity to get to know one of our kindergartens and to gain insights into FRÖBEL’s educational work. Our FRÖBEL conceptual framework and the FRÖBEL mission statement, both of which can be found on our English-language homepage, will enable you to form an impression of our educational profile. The homepage also offers information on the regions in which our kindergartens are located and where you can apply for a work placement.

Who can apply?

You can apply for a placement with FRÖBEL if a work placement forms an obligatory part of your school or college curriculum or training programme, or you want to gain work experience as part of an Erasmus programme leading to educational qualifications. To qualify you must speak German and/or English at least at Level B2. You must also provide us with an appropriate official certificate of good conduct.

What will you do?

In the context of a work placement you will support the early childhood teachers to educate, guide and care for children on the basis of regional education programmes and the relevant centre concept. Further, you will support teachers in their routine observation and documentation of each child’s personal development, interests and abilities. At the start of the placement you will be given an introduction to the work. Guidance as part of a bilingual working group is also offered. You can also ask the manager of the kindergarten or your designated mentor for support at any time during the placement.

Duration of the work placement:

The work placement will be for a maximum of 3 months. Shorter placements are available on request. Your average regular hours of work will be 30 hours a week.


Please contact the insurance company responsible for your educational institution in good time before the start of your placement to clarify whether you will continue to be insured for the period of your work placement. Ask for confirmation that this is the case. 

Your third-party risk at the place of work is covered for the period of the work placement by the general commercial third-party liability insurance of the place of work.

You must agree to submit evidence of health insurance protection valid in Germany to FRÖBEL before taking up your work placement.


At the end of the work experience we will be happy to provide you with a work placement report.

FRÖBEL cannot help you to find accommodation during the work placement. On request we would be happy to provide a list of internet pages with relevant information.


If you are interested in a work placement in one of our full-day early childcare centres you are welcome to send your application, in German or English, together with a CV, relevant certificates/reports and a letter stating when you would like to start, your preferred kindergarten and its address, to Ms Christine Schneyer

A Skype interview after application gives you will the opportunity to learn more about working in our kindergartens.