Current 10/24/2018 · tw/bt

A Visit from South Korea

Future Leaders in Early Childhood Education from the Korea National University of Education in Cheongju, South Korea, visiting FRÖBEL-Kindergartens in Cologne

At the beginning of October, our FRÖBEL-Kindergartens Krähennest and Kunterbunt in Cologne welcomed students from the Korean National University of Education, Cheongju, South Korea.

Our FRÖBEL centre directors presented their Kindergartens and their pedagogical concepts. Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to ask questions to the Centre Director.

At our Kindergarten Krähennest, the students were especially interested in the centres concept of open pedagogic and their bilingual approach. At the Krähennest, Spanish is introduced to the children as a second language. Centre director Jan Mehrländer reported that the students were impressed by the bilingual approach as well as the open pedagogic: “Firstly, it was difficult for the students to imagine that children could learn a second language quite quickly, or that even younger children can move independently throughout the building.” 

The visitors were surprised by the fact that the children have a parliament to participate in decision-making and to have a platform for complaints. The day concluded with a lively discussion about different aspects of early childhood education. 

The delegation left with many new impressions. The visit was also very enriching for our Centre Directors, who had the opportunity to reflect their daily routines. 

Many thanks for your visit!