Digitale Medien 01/26/2021 · AK

Digital education plan

The plan gives families at home a good overview of the educational offers by the FROEBEL integration kindergarten Am Elsterbecken (By the magpie pond) that can be accessed digitally. It means that the children can take part from home in the daily digital offers of the kindergarten.

Experimenting digitally with kindergarten friends. The digital activities on offer are greeted enthusiastically by the children.
Experiencing everyday kindergarten activities from home. Here, the children made an impressive lion’s mane.

Day-to-day educational activities in the kindergarten for all children

The FROEBEL integration kindergarten Am Elsterbecken in Leipzig makes its educational activities digitally accessible for all the children who are at home. Every day, educational activities take place in the kindergarten, which the children who are there can take part in. So that the children at home can benefit as well, the kindergarten digitises the task descriptions as far as possible. These task descriptions can then be accessed online. Live participation is also possible.

Make a choice and take part! 

Every day, the children can select interactive offers with educators they are familiar with and then participate live in the activities in the kindergarten. The offers range from singing, painting and reading through to experimenting with friends. The early childhood professionals take part live from the kindergarten or from home via a digital device.

This is how it works

In the plan for the week, the families find under the correct day of the week the activity on offer, the time, the link and, where necessary, the materials needed so that they can actively participate.

“The idea met with great enthusiasm from the children and their parents, particularly because of the range of activities on offer and the many opportunities for speaking that they create,” reports the head of the centre Annett Gräber.