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Kindergarten children help the victims of the bushfires in Australia

How children, families, teachers and educators at our Australian education and care services are dealing with the devastating fires.

Australia is in flames. For weeks, aggressive fires have been raging in large parts of the country. Images of desperate people who have lost everything and weakened animals fighting for survival dominate the headlines around the world. The compassion is huge, also here in Germany, and we also are concerned about our Australian colleagues, the children who are attending our centres and their families. But how do the local educators deal with the terrible fires? And how do they address the sad situation at our centres?

Children's art for the benefit of the indigenous people

Each of the four FRÖBEL centres in Australia deals with the bush fires in its own way with individual activities and actions. In Parkville, Melbourne, children and educators collect donations for the Aboriginal people affected by the fires. Currently, the children are preparing artwork that parents and family members can purchase during the week at the centre. All proceeds will be donated to the „Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities“.

The fire brigade visits

The team at our centre in Alexandria, Sydney, invited the local fire brigade. The firefighters showed the children what they needed to know about fighting fire and what equipment was needed. As a small thank you, the children presented the firefighters with touching self-painted pictures. The families and educators also raised over AUD 150 for the fire brigade in New South Wales. There are local official donation lists with items that are most needed. The pre-school children collected water bottles, band-aids and sunscreen and took the items to one of the collection points, as part of an excursion.

Donations for farmers and families

In Fitzroy North, Melbourne, families and educators collect durable food items and toiletries for "Foodbank Victoria". This organisation distributes them to affected families in the bush fire areas. The team also collects donations for the „Victorian Farmers Federation Disaster Relief Fund“, which provides local support to affected farmers, and the „Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund“ for those affected in the region. The proceeds from last year's vegetable sales from the Community Garden will also benefit these organisations.

A look into the future

The team in St Leonards, Sydney, called on all families to donate to various organisations, also reminding them of the importance of supporting local tourism in the affected areas once the fires have been extinguished and the people have returned to their towns/cities. In addition, all products already donated have been sent to families in the affected areas of Batemans Bay and Malua Bay.

Whether young or old, the mutual support on the ground, the great compassion and commitment to the victims of the bush fires is admirable.

Children's pictures as a thank you for the fire brigade

Children's pictures as a thank you for the fire department