Our business services

Consultation and assessment of requirements

The expertise and experience we have attained in recent years, when we have been opening one new centre a month on average, mean that we are competent to advise on all issues relating to employer-sponsored childcare. Together we can discuss suitable solutions based on your requirements.
We will also advise on contact with the appropriate authorities and on building and legal concerns. We will guide you efficiently through the complex financing structures and administrative regulations relating to childcare, which differ for each federal state.


We will explore the possibilities of public subsidies for you: this may include local and regional subsidies, national programs or funding from the European Social Fund.

Concept development

Our contemporary kindergarten concepts can be adapted as desired to integrate special educational focuses into the general educational programme.

All education and care provided in FRÖBEL kindergarten is founded on our Conceptual Framework, which is binding for all employees. This framework defines the goals of our educational activities and guarantees a high standard of quality. Specific educational aspirations and orientations (e.g. the Reggio Emilia Approach, Forest Education, Kneipp Education, Little Scientists’ House and many more) can be integrated into a concept tailored to your business.

This concept will take into account the required space, the ages of the children and the individual requirements of the enterprise.

Project planning

We can reserve allocated places for you in our existing FRÖBEL centres, or we can collaborate with you to plan and complete complex projects for a new centre close to your location.

Management, Provider, and Quality Assurance

Through professional human resource management, comprehensive quality assurance measures, economic sustainability and planning competency we guarantee the long-term satisfaction of work-providing enterprises and their families.